iPhone Apps Development—Setup Your App Part 9

10 Jul

In this long series, we have taken the tour of the entire process of iPhone apps development for creating an app from scratch to finish the product. Now today in this post I will introduce you to the review process of the iPhone app in the Apple App store. If you have taken all steps described in previous post carefully, you will see the review process fast in the App store.

If you have committed any UI designing mistake during your iPhone Apps development Apple will consider it as the breaking of human interface guidelines. Same the way if any crash or bad memory leakage have been observed during the testing of your iPhone app Apple engineers with immediately reject your binary and you have to mend it as well as submit it again processing all steps or series. This may will take more couple of weeks to get reviewed again.

Therefore, it is good for you to double-check everything you had done like:

  • Run your app from the beginning to end and go through all UIs, screens, pop-up and all functionality you included in your app so you can detect mistakes in UI design, UX design as well as in coding that crash can take place.
  • As stated in previous versions checking the memory leakage is important
  • Revisit the interface guideline complains of your app.iPhone Application Development
  • If you have carried iPhone app development such a way that your app needs internet connection you should have notification for you user in the app so check whether it is working or not and connection is establishing without any hassle.
  • In case you have implemented iAd framework you need to hide iAd view when nothing is happens on the internet or your app is disconnected.
  • You should double-check project info for correct information like target device, target iOS version, app version numbers, etc. if you missing such things you will get rejection just for few words.
  • Of course, you should updated yourself with the latest news and updates made on the App store so you can make your app submission and iPhone app programming complaining with the Apple polices. It is better you have other experience iPhone App developersin your group that can guide you properly and say good advice whenever you need the most.

Conclusion :-

When you are going to submit your iPhone app into Apple App store after the hard work on iPhone development you should double check it for any possible error or design mistake so you can avoid rejection and longer period to market.


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